Sterling Silver Fine Brooches and Pins

Sterling Silver Fine Brooches and Pins

Whether youre looking for a gift for someone else or something for yourself, sterling silver fine brooches and pins offer plenty of choice. Available in a variety of designs from Celtic motifs to animals, with or without stones, small or large brooches. Sterling silver also gives you the reassurance that your brooch or pin will be hard wearing and resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Brooches and pins usually have a thin metal pin with a rotating clasp to hold it in place. A thinner pin means that you wont have to worry about the brooch leaving holes or marks in your clothes. The extra clasp adds security and keeps the brooch firmly in place, so you can be sure you wont lose it.

Buying for someone else?

A sterling silver diamond or gemstone brooch would make a lovely gift. Not only are the stones attractive, a brooch featuring someones birthstone makes for a very personal birthday present. Available in many styles, you could make the gift even more personal by choosing a specific design: a flower-shaped gemstone brooch for a keen gardener, or a cat design for a feline fan, for example.

If youre looking for something special, a sterling silver and brooch with sterling silver and freshwater pearl brooch could be a good choice for you. The pearls make a statement so are a great way to dress up an outfit, or to add an elegant finishing touch.

Brooches and pins without stones

If youre looking for something a little more casual, then a sterling silver brooch without a stone would be a good option. Brooches in this style are available in all sorts of intricate designs, so youll have plenty of choice and theyll still look pretty when worn. The benefit of having a pin with no stone is that you neednt worry about the stone becoming loose over time.