Sterling Silver Fine Chain Necklaces & Pendants

Bring the Bling with a 925 Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling silver has been prized for its beauty and shine since as early as the 12th century and is still loved by many all over the world. Silver continues to be widely used in jewellery and chains to this day, thanks to its wide availability and low price compared with gold. eBay has all types of 925 sterling silver chain, from thin and delicate to large and chunky, and for great prices all around.

What sort of 925 sterling silver chains are there?

There are many kinds, all at different lengths. Some are meant to be worn as they are, and some have clasps small enough to slide a pendant over. There are lots of different types of chain links, including the following among many others:

  • Snake chain: These chains feel smooth to the touch, like the skin of a snake.
  • Ball or bead chain: These are a series of linked silver beads.
  • Anchor or mariner chain: These look like the chains used to anchor ships.
Is a 925 sterling silver chain good quality?

When you buy a 925 sterling silver chain, the 925 tells you that the material it is made from is made up of 92.5% silver. The rest is made up of other metals, usually copper, to add strength and make the chain more sturdy.

How can you be sure that it is 925 silver?

Real 925 sterling silver has a 925 hallmark on it, so look for this when you buy a chain that is sold as 925 sterling silver. If you cannot find one, then it is not sterling silver. If it has a mark but you are still unsure, place it near a magnet. A real sterling silver chain will not be attracted to it.

What is the difference between sterling silver and silver plate?

A sterling silver chain is made from solid silver alloy. A silver-plated chain is made from a much cheaper material and electronically plated with a thin layer of silver on top. This layer tends to wear off over time, and the metal underneath is what will turn your skin green.

Will a 925 sterling silver chain tarnish?

Unfortunately, silver is one of those metals that will tarnish naturally over time. The good news is that it usually takes quite a while to do so, and is easy to clean once it does. Silver polish is cheap and widely available, or you can take your chain to a jeweller who can polish it professionally for you.