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Strand Patt

Get the Vintage Look with a Beautifully Restored Strand Patt

An icon of the stage lighting world, the Strand Patt system has been lighting theatres since the 1950s. Buying a refurbished model from eBays selection of vintage spotlights will make sure you can enjoy quality lighting at an affordable cost, as these lights were designed with longevity in mind. They bring both style and substance to your stage, adding a classical charm to your set as well as a safe, sound, and powerful beam.

How does a Strand Patt stand the test of time?

The unique design of a Strand Patt lighting system combines durable mechanisms and materials, such as an aluminium alloy, molded by high-pressure die casting. This is both lightweight and tough, meaning that the unit is less prone to falls and damages. Other innovative features from the original design include:

  • Porcelain lampholder with an external, sheathed, heat-resistant cable.
  • Runners that are double-die cast and fitted to the frame.
  • Anodised aluminium reflectors.
Why should you buy vintage lighting today?

Vintage Strand Patt lamps and lamphouses on eBay are solidly constructed and have been professionally refurbished and restored to working order. Many have been rewired for home use, and make a striking addition to any room or style of interior decor. Their sophisticated, 1950s-style construction make them ideal for both home and professional use. Using an original Strand Patt for illuminating theatre and film adds a distinct, classical vintage quality to your scene. eBays range of Strand lighting systems also offers many matching accessories for your Strand lamp, such as antique tripods and original wall brackets.

Whats so special about the Patt 23 and the Patt 123?

The iconic Patt 123 was the first spotlight to be mass produced. Unlike its predecessors, however, these models were constructed from aluminium alloy instead of sheet metal. They revolutionised the stage lighting industry with new reflector and optics technology, which was able to put out over double the light power of any other spotlight at the time. They were championed by the theatre industry from the 1950s until the 1980s, but when fully restored, even now continue to operate at full capacity. They also make the perfect collectors gift, as some models were originally produced not just for theatres but also events like classic car shows.

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