Strong Boy Prop

Strongboy props

Strongboy props are designed to support walls whilst you fit or remove various types of masonry. These are integral pieces of equipment that can be used by DIY repairers and professionals alike. Theyre highly important when carrying out repairs as they keep you protected and offer stability for your property. From single models to sets of four, youll find the perfect construction tools right here on eBay. 

How to use Strongboy props

These scaffolding tools are used to support your walls whilst you install beams, rolled steel joists and lintels. All you need to do is gently hammer the blade of the prop into a raked mortar joint with a steel pole for added support. Then you can carry out repairs on masonry safe in the knowledge that your property is fully supported. 

Props are typically used for shoring walls, horizontal beams or door frames. They can easily handle a vertical load but need added support when bearing any sideways force. This can be easily done by strutting props with scaffolding. 

Typical features

Strongboy props come in five standard sizes, from 6ft to 16ft. Theyre also usually made from durable steel with a zinc plating to protect against rust. 

Keep an eye out for props with a chamfered front edge for easy installation. These feature a sloped, sharper front edge that can be easily hammered into place. 

Models with a handle to the rear are also available, taking the hassle out of transportation. Typically, Strongboy props come with a safe working load of up to 340kg, ensuring that you can support any wall. 

If you only need a replacement part, go for a single prop. Or, you can get yourself a brand new set of Strongboy props with a set of 20. These larger sets give you everything you need to get on with any construction job.