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Stuart Crystal cut glass

In 1827 a young eleven-year-old Frederick Stuart began his first job working at the Redhouse Glassworks in Stourbridge. He then stayed in the crystal glass making industry until he retired aged 82. Having launched the firm Mills, Webb & Stuart with the backing of other glassworkers at the time, the business was gradually overtaken by Stuart along with his sons. The family business, Stuart Crystal, was born.

Whilst the hand-gathered technique of glassmaking stayed pretty much the same through the decades, as each successive generation of Stuart brought their own creativity and fresh ideas to the firm. A large number of collections were made, all with different cuts and designs. In fact, Stuart Crystal glass was even supplied for both the infamous Queen Mary and Titanic ships.

Stuart Crystal wine glasses

Stunning and timeless, Stuart Crystal wine glasses come in boxed sets of two, four or six and are part of the York range of glassware by Stuart Crystal. Perfect for a special Christmas, anniversary or wedding gift, they're ideal for enjoying your favourite vintage. Made in Slovenia, the York collection boasts an elegant cut pattern design and exquisitely crafted stems to enhance any dining table or meal.

Stuart Crystal vases

Brilliantly cut, decorative bowls from Stuart Crystal are part of the Shelton collection, a range that is specially created to fit in with a lifestyle of chic but casual entertaining. Handmade in Germany and fashioned from stunning lead crystal, a Stuart Crystal vase makes for the perfect gift or keepsake.

Stuart Crystal highball glasses

Boxed sets of highball cut glasses from the York range of Stuart Crystal glassware come in sets of four. Ideal for soft drinks, long drinks or tall cocktails, this range boasts a traditional cut pattern design that will draw compliments whenever you use them. Crystal and cut glass is of outstanding quality and allows for a thin cut rim instead of rolled or rounded edges.