Stud Plastic Costume Earrings

From brilliant blues to perfect pinks, stud plastic costume earrings make a striking addition to any outfit. Whether you favour delicate barely there jewellery or full on statement studs , you are certain to find pair of stud plastic costume earring to suit your style.

Styles of plastic stud earrings

Whilst the outer stud is made from durable plastic, the earring fastener will typically be made from alloy, surgical steel, stainless steel and can even be silver or gold-plated. Some styles will include gemstones and you find certain stud plastic costume earrings with stones made of crystal, emeralds, cubic zirconia, turquoise, rhinestone and pearls amongst others.

Stone shapes can vary, but you can typically find stud plastic costume earrings in round shapes or in more square and rectangular shapes which is ideal for achieving a vintage-inspired look. You can find some pieces in more unusual shapes such as hearts and half-moons.

Fastening is easy with a wide range of options to secure your stud plastic earrings with ease, choose from traditional screw backs and hooks, to butterfly fastening, lever backs or even clip ons for those without their ears pierced.

How to wear costume stud earrings

Whether you are looking for a pair of costume earrings or are looking to buy a collection of stud plastic costume earrings, you can find individual pairs as well as collections in a variety of styles and an array of colours. These collections are ideal for a teenager or young adult who likes to experiment with different styles and looks, as you can wear a different colour pair of stud plastic costume earrings every day of the week!

Stud plastic costume earrings come in a variety of designs, styles, colours and shapes and are available both in brand new and pre-loved condition.