Table Tennis Tables & Table Accessories

Table Tennis Tables and Table Accessories

A popular pastime, you can make sure youre fully kitted out with table tennis tables and table accessories. At the highest level, table tennis is a fast and furious sport, requiring agility and dexterity. Luckily, you neednt be professional to enjoy the sport and you can find table tennis equipment to suit you, whether youre an international champion or a home tournament hero.

Table tennis tables available

You can find full size tables, which would be perfect if you are looking to host your own table tennis competition. If you want a tournament of Olympic proportions youll need a table to match, measuring five feet wide by nine feet in length, with a net of six feet wide. Youll need plenty of space to dedicate to a full size table tennis table.

You neednt limit your playing options even if youre limited on space, as there are smaller sized tables available too, including miniature versions suitable for children. If versatility is your main concern, then you may prefer to choose a table tennis table that can be placed on top of a dining table. This not only means you can safely stow away your table tennis table when not in use, but your furniture wont get damaged or scratched either.

Take it outside

For a fun summertime activity, an outdoor table tennis table lets you take the enjoyment of table tennis out into the sunshine. This would be a great option if you want something sturdy that can be left outside of your house. You can find covers to keep your table protected as well, so you neednt worry about water damage.

Table tennis accessories

Whether youre a professional or playing for fun, proper table tennis balls are essential for any match. These are very light and are available in many different pack sizes, from single balls to packs of six . For greater visibility, choose a table tennis ball that is a bright orange colour or opt for white for the classic look.

Dont forget about the bats either. The table tennis racquet may also be called a blade or a paddle and is often made of wood, with a rubber sheet across the surface that strikes the ball. You can also find bats made of a hard wearing, waterproof plastic that are perfect for outdoor use.

Looking to improve your game? A table tennis robot is an ideal way to practise returning an opponents serve. Balls are fired out at an even pace, allowing you to practise your skills, even when theres no one else around.