Tablet & eReader Keyboards

Tablet and eBook Docking Stations and Keyboards

Tablet and eBook docking stations and keyboards come in a range of brands, models and uses. A standard external keyboard is naturally ultra slim, so dont expect quite the same tactile subtlety as a regular laptop or desktop keyboard . You may want to look for an easily storable keyboard if travelling frequently. Tablet and eBook keyboards come in a wide array of designs and colours

There are several generic and universal keyboards available and all are generally compatible with Amazon, Android, Apple and Microsoft tablets or eBooks. However, for devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface, the keyboard layout may contain keys specific to functionalities on that system or model. The devil is in the detail, so always double check specifications.

Tablet or eBook docking stations are somewhat more device specific and also offer a smaller or greater range of features depending on the requirements and price. A common, simple docking station has a magnetic charging connector. There are also wall chargers and cabled hubs. The features you select are generally down to personal preference and consideration for where and how you will use it.

Taking a couple of examples, theSuper Bass 30W Amplified Bluetooth Speaker Docking Station For iPhone and Samsung Galaxy acts as a charger and has an alarm clock and radio built in. For the most modern Microsoft Surface, the selling point is being able to convert the tablet into a desktop PC. The Surface Connect cable can charge the tablet as well as accessing external monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. These features are obviously reflected in the higher price than other simpler docking stations.

The cost difference between models is not particularly noticeable in terms of the number of USB ports available, so even if you only want to use one outlet, it is worth thinking of your future requirements and buying a charger with more ports than you currently need.

All USB docking stations will charge on lower amperage ports, but devices with large batteries, like newer tablets and smartphones, will take longer to fully recharge on lower amperage ports.