Tanzanite Round White Gold Fine Earrings

Tanzanite White Gold Round Fine Gemstone Earrings

Tanzanite is noted for its striking colour which can appear in stunning shades, ensuring you can stand out from the crowd. Luxury jeweller Tiffany and Co. named the stone after its country of origin, being Tanzania. Its an extremely popular stone and the best thing about this gem is that in different lights and from various angles it can be seen in three different colours, being blue, violet and yellow. Tanzanite is also the birthstone of those born in December too. It is a popular alternative to sapphire and the size of a gem influences its colour. So typically, you can expect to see most tanzanites under five carats.

Single to cluster gemstones

Whether you are looking for tanzanite white gold round fine gemstone earrings with a single striking tanzanite stone, or you are looking for a cluster style with additional tanzanite or other precious stones, you can be sure to find an option that suits your style.

Studs and droplets

From lever back and snap closures to butterfly and hook, tanzanite white gold round fine gemstone earrings are secured with a variety of fastenings. Equally you can choose from huggie earrings , round studs or lengthy droplets that are available in a range of lengths. The range of styles means you can wear these earrings to work or to special events and they work with whatever outfit and occasion they are meant for.


These earrings can make a gorgeous gift for a family member, friend or loved one. It would be an even more sentimental gift should the person you purchase it for have their birthday in December, being their traditional birthstone to treasure forever. A pair of tanzanite white gold round fine gemstone earrings make the perfect gift to show that you care. You can even find a unique vintage pair of tanzanite white gold round fine gemstone earrings for the lady in your life that just adores vintage.