Get accurate results with tape measures

Tape measures are the ultimate item for both household and trade projects. They come in handy for some of the smallest DIY tasks and provide precision measurements for the most demanding jobs, so they're great all-rounders. If you're looking for a tape measure for home or trade uses, there is a vast selection of sizes available. 

You'll also find the best names in the industry with tape measures from Stanley, Draper, Makita and Bahco, plus many others. 

Heavy duty use

Tape measures that will be used as industrial measuring tools or for trade work are often required to handle extensive use and unfavourable conditions, so choosing a reliable and robust measuring tool is an ideal option. 

You'll find tape measures that have long length tape, with some offering up to 8 metres to tackle larger projects. These measuring tools are made of sturdy materials such as heavy-duty plastic and steel examples to withstand general wear and tear. 

Key features

If you're looking for a reliable tape measure, there is a large selection of brands available that cater for a range of needs. They often have key features to ensure they meet your project requirements including an auto lock to secure the tape in place, end hook to position the tape measure in the exact location and reduce any slipping, and the grip features on the tool itself offer comfort and easy use for a range of jobs. 

The tape is also quickly retractable to measure up and get the job done quickly and is sure to make the perfect addition to your toolkit alongside your other industrial hand tools

Traditional tape measures

For crafting and textiles projects, traditional tailor tape is ideal for flexibility and is easy to use on fabric. There is a range of options available with different colours dependent on your preferences. For other measuring tapes for tailoring uses, there is also a range of retractable tapes for ease of use and quick retraction.