Home Taps and Dies

Whether you're doing a spot of DIY around your home or are employed as a professional handyman or mechanic, there are some essential items you'll need in your toolbox to complete even the most basic repairs. Taps and dies are metal working tools that enable you to create and repair nuts and bolts.

Nuts and bolts are considered to be male and female, and it's important to form each component to the same spec so that they fit together perfectly. Nuts are female and are made using a tap in a process called tapping, while bolts are male and are made by a die in a process called threading.

You'll find thousands of manual home taps and dies to choose from including handle tap wrenches, dies, taps and die sets and thread/ screw pitch gauges. Popular brands include Draper, IRWIN, Vermont American, Hanson and Faithfull.


Taps enable you to create the spiralling alcove inside a hole that's designed to accept a bolt or screw. There are three distinct types of hand tap, including taper taps, plug taps and bottoming taps. Typically you can buy taps in sets, or opt for multiple thread sizes in metric or imperial measurements.


Dies are used to create the spiralling ridge on the outside of a bolt or screw and need to align with the nut that holds it in place. Dies can be bought individually or in sets with a range of sizes available.

Tap and Die Sets

Whatever size nuts and bolts you are working on, a tap and die set will contain all the components you need. The majority of sets will come in a plastic tray or box that can be easily stored away when not in use. Sets vary in size ranging from six to over 100 pieces.