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Ted Baker Women's Flats

Ted Baker Womens Flats

Ted Baker womens flats come in a variety of styles to suit the occasion or outfit. From ballet pumps to smart, shiny brogues, theres something to suit you whatever look you want to perfect.

If further proof was needed that heels are not the only footwear choice you have, this range of flats is it. Jelly sandals, leather uppers, trainers, strappy leather pumps and even slippers mean your options are wider than ever.

Smart or casual?

Flats can be cool, casual and easy on your feet or smart, stylish and businesslike. However, some brands specialise in one thing but not the other. You may find that they can provide you with shoes for your job interview, but nothing for a day out with your friends. Fortunately, Ted Baker provide a wide variety of flats to suit every occasion.

A flat choice

So if youre thinking flats mean unfashionable and uncomfortable, think again. Ted Baker put the same level of thought into the design of their flats as they would any other shoe.

Keep your feet on the ground with a smart pair of good looking brogues. Great for the office or casual wear. Ballet pumps are cute, cool and are great for during the day and the night.

A variation on the ballet pump, cross-strap leather pumps encompass leather uppers and strappy designs.

Whether you are in the gym or walking down the high street, Ted Baker trainers are both stylish and comfortable.

Light and cool, jelly sandals are a great choice for the summer for both the beach and the city. Similarly, canvas plimsolls are ideal for pairing with jeans for a superb casual look. Womens flats are great for a day out, an evening at the cinema, or just a walk in the park.

Material world

Ted Baker Womens flats are available in a selection of materials. Leather looks great on brogues and cross-strap pumps with leather uppers. Check out Ted Bakers suede loafers in a variety of colours. Rubber ballet pumps and jelly sandals come in many styles and colours.