Telescope Adapters

Get Detailed Shots from a Distance with a Scope Camera Adapter

The photographic technique of digiscoping involves attaching a camera to a telescope with a scope camera adaptor. This allows photographers to achieve impressive close-up shots from long distances. On eBay, you will find a vast selection of both new and used scope camera adapters at prices to suit every budget.

What does a scope camera adapter do?

A scope camera adapter is designed to securely connect a camera to a telescope. The telescope then acts as a long-focal-length telephoto lens, which allows the photographer to take close-up shots of things that are far away. There are also scope camera adaptors that are designed for both telescopes and rifle scopes.

Which cameras will work with a scope camera adapter?

There is a range of scope camera adaptors available which are designed to fit most cameras. When digiscoping, a digital camera is not essential. However, in order to take photographs, you will need to be able to see the image through the camera. The following types of camera are recommended.

  • 35-mm SLR camera.
  • Digital SLR camera.
  • Digital compact cameras which feature a screen to view the image.
  • Rear-facing mobile phone camera.
How should the scope adaptor be used for optimum results?

Once the adaptor is attached to the eyepiece of the scope, the camera can be connected. If the camera has an extendable lens, check to ensure theres ample space for it to extend without damaging the camera or scope. Once this has been done, turn the camera on and adjust the adaptor. Youll want to bring the camera lens and the scope eyepiece into alignment. Initially, the image on the camera screen may appear in a circle of black. To solve this, zoom in until the black circle has disappeared. In addition, a tripod can be used as an optional accessory to help keep your shots stable. You can use a tripod together with your camera, scope camera adaptor, and a telescope or spotting scope.

What sort of photographs is digiscoping used for?

Digiscoping is commonly used for wildlife and bird photography. This is because it allows photographers to take close-up pictures of subjects that might be nervous or flee if they sense something near them. It is also a technique that can be used for astrophotography, which is the art of taking pictures of the moon and night sky.