Telescope Mounts

Tripod and Telescope Mounts

Available in a range of different styles, there are tripod and telescope mounts to meet every need and budget. From vintage wooden tripods to state of the art telescope mounts with all the latest mod cons, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the right tripod or mount for you.

Search the skies with tripods and telescope mounts

Whether youre setting up a brand new telescopeor using your trusted DSLR camera, there are dozens of tripods and telescope mounts to help you steady your focus and get that perfect view.

Designed for portability, adjustability and comfort, many tripods and telescope mounts are universal and come with adapter plates which means that you can attach them to many different cameras, telescopes and other optical accessories.

When money is no object, there are numerous features and functions to help you set up your cameraor telescope with ease. Popular features include impact resistant and fully adjustable legs to quickly adjust the height and avoid shaking, slow motion controls that allow precise movement to keep an object within the centre of the frame, tilting and rotatable anti-vibrate platforms with corresponding crank to provide multi-angle viewing and precise shots and quality anti-slip feet to keep the tripod or mount stable on all surfaces, from your bedroom floor to a rocky outcrop.

Tripods and telescope mounts are designed by renowned brands including Celestron, Meade, Nipon and Sky-Watcher.

Precise and steady shots

Good quality tripods and telescope mounts come in protective carrying pouches or bags to make transporting them a breeze. Some also come with a warrantee, but this usually depends on the seller.

You should also check that your camera or telescope is compatible with the tripod or mount before you buy and ensure that the maximum height is suitable for your needs.