Tennis Rackets

Tennis Rackets

Whether your tennis idol is Bjorn Borg, Serena Williams or Andy Murray, you can emulate your tennis pro favourite with a range of tennis rackets to suit your skill level and individual needs.

The first thing to do is to determine what kind of tennis rackets you are looking for. Are you looking for a child or for adult sized tennis rackets?

You then must decide if you are looking for a powerful tennis racket or one that is more control orientated. Typically, tennis rackets that are deemed as more powerful are lightweight with a large sized head and tend to have a thick beam whereas tennis rackets that focus on control tend to be heavier with smaller heads and thinner beams. Lighter head tennis rackets tend to be more manoeuvrable and are therefore more effective for volleying and net play whereas heavier tennis rackets tend to be more powerful and help you achieve more of a top spin. Choose from a variety of head shapes and sizes to best suit your own needs.

When it comes to the weight of tennis rackets, you may want to consider how heavy or lightweight you require your tennis racket to be. Typically, you can expect a tennis rackets weight to vary from superlight weights or around 24 grams up to 340 grams. It is important to be guided by how much you can carry to avoid strain on your arms which can lead to injuries.

You may also want to consider the tennis rackets flexibility as stiffer tennis rackets tend to be less bendy than more flexible tennis rackets which can affect play. Open string patterns tend to afford you more power and spin whilst providing stability at the same time.

When it comes to grip, size is everything and it is highly recommended that you opt for a grip size that is right for you. It is important not to grip the tennis racket too tightly as this can lead to health issues like tennis elbow.

You can choose from a variety of brands of tennis rackets, from the likes of Head, Slazenger , Dunlop, Wilson and more. Typically you can find tennis rackets both with and without their accompanying headcover and some styles also come with a strap too.

Tennis rackets are available in a variety of styles, features, brands, sizes and colours and can be found both in brand new and used condition.