Tissue Paper

Tissue paper for wrapping is a thin form of translucent paper available in packs or rolls of quantities of one sheet to 480 or more. Tissue wrapping paper adds a touch of style and luxury for presentation and is perfect for packing and wrapping at an extremely affordable price. Widely used by the general public, hobbyists and arts and crafts enthusiasts alike, tissue paper is available in plain white, solid colours or printed patterns.

Tissue paper is available in virtually every colour under the sun, from bold metallic golds and silvers to dreamy pastel shades of light pink, cream and yellows. Tissue paper is also available in a range of printed patterns including Christmas and birthday themes, love hearts, floral designs, paw prints, leopard spots and butterflies to name but a few.

Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Acid-free tissue paper is defined as paper that when dissolved in water yields a pH value of 6 or 7. By removing acid in tissue paper, the material lasts far longer. If acid is left in paper it becomes brittle and yellowed over time. Acid-free tissue paper is also less likely to damage goods if left in contact with them, making it suitable for wrapping silverware, cloth and clothing as well as interleaving within books.

Luxury and Satin Wrap Tissue Paper

Luxury and satin wrap tissue papers are the best that can be bought. Features include fade resistance, bleed proofing and colour fastness. These tissue papers are often made with between 20 and 80% recycled pulp and printed with soy-based rather than solvent inks.

MF or Machine Finished Tissue Paper

A machine finish is a process undertaken during the manufacture of tissue paper. It gives a smooth finish, feel and look to the paper which can then also be glazed on one or both sides.