Tripods and Monopods for Sony Cameras

Tripods and Monopods for Sony Cameras

Sony offers a range of sleek, stylish and, most of all, highly innovative cameras. To ensure you make the most of your high-quality Sony camera and take the best pictures possible with the range of powerful and useful functions that your camera has to offer, it is wise to use tripods and monopods for Sony cameras .

Out of all the many camera accessories and equipment that is available, the one that is used most and is deemed necessary is a tripod or monopod. A tripod or monopod helps to give stability to your camera shot; this helps to give you a sharp image without the risk of effects from camera shaking and blurriness.

For people looking to use a long exposure on their Sony camera, there is an increased risk of blurry images, so it is important to keep the camera as still and stable as possible. With a tripod, it is much easier to ensure the camera stays steady and is far safer to use for long exposure shots as opposed to using freehand.

Differences between tripods, monopods and table-top tripods

Depending on your need there are a range of products that can help to keep your camera stable, to give you a more refined image, these include tripods, monopods and table-top tripods.

Tripods are the most common product, a tripod has three legs and is able to hold your camera unsupported. While a tripod is great for long exposure photography and keeping the camera stabilised, it is often heavy and not as portable due to its size.

Monopods feature only one leg, the photographer must support the monopod while in use. A monopod is lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for travelling and can support the camera, reducing the risk of blurred images.

Table-top tripods are a small, lightweight and compact design, a table-top tripod is freestanding and can help to steady your camera while being easy to transport. As a table-top tripod only has short legs, it has to rest on a surface, and there may be some restrictions of use, depending on at what height you want to shoot your photo as there has to be a supporting surface to sit the tripod on.