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UGG Australia Women's Slippers

UGG Australia Womens Slippers

Famous for their fluffy, sheepskin linings, UGG Australia womens slippers are fashionable, durable and comfortable and worn worldwide.

Traditionally created by an Australian surfer who continued his sporty lifestyle in California, the UGG idea came to him while looking for comfortable footwear to put on after getting out of the water. Embracing the traditional sheepskin fabric of his homeland, UGG boots and slippers have since become a global sensation, epitomising style and comfort all in one and continuing to be a contemporary celebration of 1970s surf culture.

Since those early days, UGG have breached the surf market and found favour with followers across the world, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey who has reportedly dubbed them one of her favourite things.

Having diversified from their classic boots, UGG now offers a range of womens slippers and shoes to accommodate their increasingly wide market, including boots , shoes and moccasins , plain, embroidered, closed and open heeled slippers. Fabrics include leather and suede with wool insoles and rubber outsoles, all providing a supple, lightweight feel thanks to their unlined finish.

Mens UGG slippers are available as well as womens slippers, having first made their appearance in the brands New York store in 2012, propelling the shoes that are now more than 35 years old into the stratosphere as one of the worlds most recognisable fashion statements.

The UGG brands recognisably comfortable style has crossed the line between comfort and style in a way that other brands have not managed to do before, becoming a style statement amongst the most fashionable wearers and gracing the pages of leading magazines. However, UGG Australia retain their sense of laid back chic and practical usability thanks to the durable materials from which they are made, and the high quality of craftsmanship that has gone into manufacturing the slippers.