UK Sovereign Gold Bullion Coins

Invest in UK sovereign gold bullion coins for your collection

Add something new to your collection with a UK sovereign gold bullion coin from this range. Search through the selection of UK monarchs to select the gold bullion coin that youve been looking for, or pick up a great starting piece to build your collection around. Whatever gold sovereign collectable coin youre looking for, youre sure to find just the thing in this wide variety of options. 

A piece of coin history

If youre looking for a historical coin to add to your collection, look out for older gold bullion sovereign coins bearing the likenesses of past monarchs. Go for a gold sovereign coin featuring Queen Victoria if youre interested in the history of the Victorian era. You could even try and collect gold bullion in the form of coins from different points in her reign which feature different profiles of the famous queen. 

You could also follow the line of succession with a UK sovereign gold bullion coin featuring Queen Victorias eldest son Edward VII, who reigned from 1901-1910. You could even complete the set with a George V sovereign coin from his reign of 1910-1936, for a collection that features three phases of the British monarchy. 

Commemorative coins for your collection

Youll also be able to find many great examples of UK sovereign gold bullion coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II at different stages in her reign. Go for an earlier coin featuring a younger Elizabeth from the start of her reign 1952 for something with a little more history behind it, or pick up a commemoration gold sovereign from more recent years as an attractive new addition to your collection. 

UK sovereign gold bullion coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II are great investment pieces too, and can be handed down through the generations as special and meaningful collectable gifts.