Camera Underwater Cases and Housing

There are so many photographic opportunities under water that an underwater case is a great addition to your camera kit. Youll be able capture some amazing portraits and wildlife pictures. There is a wide range of underwater cases and housing for cameras which offer optimal protection of your equipment, so you can take some breath-taking pictures.


The shell of an underwater case is completely waterproof, but is also resistant to the water pressure of up to about 40 metres. Perfect for if you are diving. This allows you to move your camera freely despite the weight of the water. A flat glass lens allows your pictures and videos to appear sharp, regardless of your depth. All the controls are accessible through the case so you can easily adjust the settings of your camera easily.

Underwater cases are easy to fit as they simply click into place, this type of case is ready to use in an instant. An easy thumbscrew secures the case around the camera. The case or housing will not have any impact on photographs taken above the water, saving you the inconvenience of having to remove it.


Made from high quality polycarbonate or acrylic material, your camera will be fully protected from water damage and leaks. There is also sufficient protection from accidental knocks and blows. Compact in design, this piece of kit will not add bulk to your camera which is especially important when moving underwater. Resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, this case will give a good level of protection regardless of water conditions. The surface is also easy to clean and scratch proof.


Specific cases and housing solutions are available for different makes and model of camera. For a seamless fit select the specially designed model for your camera. Some universal cases are also available if you have difficulty finding the right one.