Universal Scosche Mobile Phone Holders & Mounts

Scosche Universal Mobile Phone and PDA Holders and Mounts

For busy people on the go, a mount or holder for a mobile phone makes a great addition to your home, car, office, or even bicycle! Scosche universal mobile phone and PDA holders and mounts offer a simple, magnetic solution when you need a hands-free moment but still want to interact with your phone.

Mobile phones and PDAs are a part of everyday life, but there are times when being hands-free is an essential - for example when driving. Scosche mobile phone holders are well-built, high quality solutions for those hands-free moments, and can be found at competitive prices.

Scosche MagicMount magnetic phone holders offer a simple mounting system for iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphones . This easy to use holder mounts with 3M automotive-strength adhesive to wherever you use your phone the most, and the MagicPlate insert can be affixed directly onto the back of your phone or placed inside the battery cover.

Scosche MagicMount uses neodymium magnets to offer a strong magnetic hold on your phone when brought in contact with the mount, with no damage to the device. However, the super strong magnet in this mount will damage hard drive devices, and should not be used for iPod classic or other hard drive devices.

These high strength magnetic mounts are ideal for use with your GPS or phone when travelling, offering convenient placement of your device at an angle that suits you, and the added safety of not manually using your phone or GPS whilst driving.

For back seat entertainment on long journeys, Scosche MagicMount holders can be affixed to the back of the front seat headrest, and feature a magnetic hold strong enough to support a tablet or iPad.

For a cyclist or bicycle commuter, the Scosche HandleIT Pro weatherproof handlebar mount is an ideal purchase or gift. Offering a PVC zipper cover and mount, this multi-positional holder clamps to handlebars of any size, and is suitable for smartphones and iPods.