Unusual collectables, gifts and other items are the perfect solution when choosing something original for the friend who has everything.

Different types of unusual gifts

For movie fans and book lovers, the unusual vampire hunting/slaying kit is a must-have item. The antique set comes in a handcrafted wooden box and contains everything you need for a night of vampire hunting.

Classic Russian dolls are traditional souvenirs that are a popular gift choice. Instead of choosing the typical designs opt for a 6-piece collection of Ninja Warrior nesting dolls. Each painted doll has its own style of weapon and fits inside a larger sized doll. Other quirky designs are also available.

For fans of retro toys and gadgets, choose a giraffe drinking bird. The popular crazy bird desktop toy automatically tips forward when a glass of water is placed in front of it.

Death masks make an unusual decorative feature on any wall. Many genuine plaster masks date back to the 19th century, and are modelled on the facial features on a deceased person.

Other unusual and strange collectables include a vintage Blackpool Illuminations fibreglass alien head, body parts of mannequins , half dollar silver bullion coins, and real vintage teeth for denture making.

Different types of personalised unusual presents

The unusual Name A Star allows you to present an out of this world gift to someone you love. They will receive a star registration certificate and details of the exact coordinates of the personalised stars celestial location. A link to NASAs sky view will show off the star in its genuine luminosity.

Especially for the ladies, the Name A Rose gift allows you to register the name of a rose forever. The unusual gift is presented in a stylish metal tin and includes rose seeds, a botanical souvenir poster, a Growing Roses booklet and plant markers.