Vehicle Impact Wrenches

Vehicle Impact Wrenches

Whether you are a mechanic or a car owner, an impact wrench is a must have for any garage or tool shed. An impact wrench will enable you to tighten and remove bolts efficiently and effectively. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of vehicle impact wrenches from brands such as Dewalt, Makita and Sealey


The torque of an impact wrench refers to its power. Torque is typically measured in hundreds. When buying an impact wrench mechanics consider the minimum torque rating to be 200. A rating less than 200 will generally not have the required power to tighten or loosen bolts. Torque is therefore not an area to compromise. 

Rotations per Minute (RPM)

The higher the RPM of a wrench the faster you will get the job done. Most wrenches will possess an RPM of around 3,000. 3,000 RPM will be more than adequate for most jobs. 

Impacts Per Minute (IPM)

As with the other factors a high IPM is preferable as it will mean that the wrench spends more time pushing down on the screw, and will, therefore, help you to work faster. A combination of high IPM, high RPM, and high torque will likely provide you with the perfect impact wrench. 


Corded wrenches will be lighter as they will not have a heavy battery pack. When buying either a corded or a battery powered wrench, lighter weight tools are generally preferable. 

Cordless or Battery?

Battery powered impact wrenches have developed considerably in recent years. They formally had a reputation for lacking in torque, and battery life was generally poor. However, there have been significant improvements in recent years in battery powered products. Whilst a corded wrench will generally provide high performance and will last so long as it has access to mains power, many battery powered tools can now match corded variants in most areas of performance.