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Velbon Carbon Fibre Tripods and Monopods

Velbon Carbon Fibre Tripods And Monopods

There are not a large number of Velbon carbon fibre tripods and monopods available to purchase at the moment, and some people wonder what is the purpose of a monopod in any event. Like a tripod, it is used to stabilise the camera and there are a number of ways you can use it. It is particularly handy for use in crowded conditions and is also often used by birdwatchers and sports photographers.

As it only has one leg, you can use your feet as the other two legs to form a tripod . You can stabilise it by leaning it against your leg and you can collapse it and place the bottom into a stabiliser pouch which you wear on your body or which can be attached to a belt.

Different types and models

Velbon carbon fibre tripods and monopods available include the Velbon Pro Geo V640 Carbon Fibre with PHD-66Q Revolver Head & Case which is a truly professional tripod with three section heavy duty carbon-fibre legs. The centre column has a geared elevator for exact height adjustment, and the tripod is supplied with a utility hook and a stone bag which you can fill with stones and use to weight the tripod and lower the centre of gravity producing an even more stable platform. The legs have a foam padding for comfortable carrying over your shoulder, and the tripod has Velbons "revolver" panhead and quick release system.

Also among the Velbon carbon fibre tripods and monopods is the Geo E-54 Carbon Fibre Monopod. This has four leg sections which incorporate Velbons spiral etched surface design offering smooth and fast extension of the leg sections, and has click-lock leg releases for quick and easy set-up. This monopod is lightweight and has a foam handgrip and a wrist strap for easy carrying. It is the ideal accessory for professional photographers who use heavy cameras and video-cameras .