Vhs Dvd Combo

All You Need to Understand About VHS DVD Combo Players

If you have VHS tapes of movie classics or home videos of sentimental value, a VHS DVD combo player can be a practical addition to your home entertainment system. A VHS DVD combo player will also be useful in retrieving those historical records from libraries with archives that hold videos in older formats. Having a two-in-one machine to read both VHS and DVD formats is a great way to save space. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a VHS DVD player.

What media formats can a combo player read?

For VHS functionalities, it can read VHS tapes that are in the universal NTSC or PAL formats. For DVD reading, most will be able to read CD audio, and some late model recorders can extend readability to HDMI modes to display high definition content. Certain premium models may also have additional capabilities, such as reading from an SD card or USB memory stick. Many DVD VHS combo players manufactured after the year 2000 will be capable of reading most of the following disc formats:

  • DVD-R
  • DVD-R Dual Player
  • DVD-Audio
  • CD-R
Can the VHS DVD player record content?

While budget models with only basic capabilities may not be able to record content onto VHS tapes or DVD discs, premium models may be able to do so. eBay lists a number of VHS DVD combo machines that can both read and write from and to different media. Many of these premium models are also capable of reading and writing Dolby Digital audio formats and HD content, providing a much more comprehensive suite of features for the discerning user.

How can a late model TV connect to an older VHS DVD combo player?

Older DVD VHS combo players may only have DVI or VGA ports that can no longer be found on late model flat screen TVs or computers. eBay has specialised cables that can covert data out from DVI or VGA ports into HDMI input so you can merge old with new and keep watching your favourite content. For other formats, such as Thunderbolt or mini HDMI, you may consider purchasing an adapter that can convert from older port formats to more recent port formats.

For details on reading and writing capabilities please visit the respective manufacturers website for more details.