Vintage 35mm Cameras

Vintage 35mm Cameras

Although most people now use digital cameras, vintage 35mm cameras are increasingly popular with many photographers. This classic piece of equipment offers a whole different photography experience and theres a real craft to creating great shots with 35mm cameras.

35mm Camera Brands

A whole host of manufacturers produced 35mm cameras. Top brands include Leica, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus. Most vintage cameras will require you to manually focus the lens, but newer cameras may have auto-focus. Many 35mm cameras have removable lenses. This allows you to change the lens so you can take a whole range of different types of pictures.

For detailed shots taken at long distances, try a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are great for taking pictures of wildlife or at sporting events. If youre taking photos of the landscape then a wide-angle lens will offer a wider view and will better capture that sweep of the hills or the sheer enormity of the mountains.

The Craft of 35mm Photography

Unlike digital photography, photos taken with 35mm cameras require some thought and planning before you take them. Youll need to take account of the light and the framing of your shot before you take your picture. Getting this right before you shoot is important because its not quite so easy to use technology to alter your images afterwards.

However, its the effort that goes into the shots that makes them so much more rewarding. Also, the fact that you only get 36 shots to a film means the pressure is really on to get that perfect image first time around.

Equip Yourself for Less

Another big benefit of 35mm cameras is that they are fairly economical to buy. You can pick up top-name brands at a fraction of the price youd pay for a modern digital camera.

Its not just the basic camera that can save you money. Extras and accessories tend to be economically priced too. Look out for great deals on things like specialised lenses or filters. You can even find accessories like leather cases at a fraction of the price youd normally pay.