Vintage Folding Cameras

Vintage Folding Camera

If you are looking for a new camera with a vintage touch, why not try a vintage folding camera? Whether you want to take authentic vintage photos , or are simply an avid collector there is a range of folding cameras to choose from.

Folding cameras were the camera of choice from as far back as the 1890s to the 1930s. In the 1930s new technology took over and gave us more compact and higher quality variations of the same product.

The main feature of these cameras are their folding mechanisms which will be unique to each camera. They can unfold with a press of a button in some of the newer models, or unfold manually in some of the older ones. It is an incredible feature, as when they are folded away, they are a fraction of the size that they are when they were fully extended!


The majority of the newer cameras are made out of metal with chrome finishing, with the folding mechanisms often made out of a leatherette material. Larger, older cameras can even have frameworks that are made out of wood!


There are many brands associated with vintage folding cameras. One of the most popular brands that is actually still in business today is Kodak . Others include Ensign, Zeiss, Ikon, Agfa and Franka.

Sizing and Dimensions

Sizing varies from camera to camera. The older models tend to be significantly larger and heavier as they are made with various materials to ensure that their frames are stable. Whereas the newer models can often be quite compact and light!


Many of these cameras already come with a leather or leather type material case to ensure that the camera is kept safe and clean. If you are looking for something a little bit extra, why not consider an additional camera strap?