Vintage and Retro Collectables from the 1940s

The 1940s was an iconic era of history for many reasons, most notably wartime, but it was also a great period for fashion and homemaking. A great way to commemorate this time is to collect vintage and retro collectables from the 1940s for your home. From suitcases to tea sets, you're sure to find items that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Vintage tea sets

Mismatched crockery is very popular at the moment in cafes and for use in the home. Choose from a selection of floral designs or plain colours to keep in a display cabinet, use every day or save for best. Most 1940s tea sets are made from bone china and are fit for continued use over time. Keep as a complete set or buy different sets so you can mismatch the bone china tea cups and saucers for a retro chic look.

Vintage suitcases

Vintage suitcases from this era are great to own because more often than not they have a rich history of evacuation or many years of travel. Made from leather, some have lots of signs of wear and tear, which accentuates their character even further and adds to the overall effect. If you have a shabby chic bedroom, a vintage suitcase would be a great addition to the aesthetic. Some people use vintage suitcases at their wedding for guests to put cards and presents in, so there are many different uses.

Retro ornaments for the home

Retro ornaments are very popular in the modern home. Small touches such as three ceramic swallows hanging on the wall, to bolder statements such as figurines of land girls add a quirky feel to any style of home. Retro 1940s decorative vases look great in a display cabinet or for everyday use and to brighten up the room.