Vintage Sub-Mini Cameras

Vintage Subminiature Camera

First released in the late 19th century, subminiature cameras have an enduring appeal. Often used as concealed spy cameras, these tiny pieces of photographic history were especially popular following World War II.

A vintage subminiature camera can make both a fascinating collectors piece and fun working camera. Many models even make a beautiful addition to your home décor, especially if you have embraced the vintage interior design trend.

Subminiature cameras require specialised film . This could be one of a variety of sizes but is always smaller than the standard 35mm. 16mm, 17mm and even 9.5mm film are all commonly used in the subminiature world. You will need to bear this in mind if you plan to use a functioning vintage camera. Some sizes of film are no longer commercially available and will need to be hand-cut at home.

Small but perfectly formed

Vintage subminiature cameras are available in a number of different modelsfrom a selection of manufacturers. While most models date back to the 20th century, you will find some were in production as recently as 2006, although they possibly dont have that same vintage appeal. It is useful to consider whether you want to purchase a functional camera , the style that appeals to you and the collectable value of different models before you make your decision.

Possibly the most aesthetically attractive of the vintage cameras are those from the 1930s. Rare models may come in a deep olive green or a rich cherry red colour, which are both unusual and very pleasing to the eye. The micro Japanese models from the 1950s are also full of style and popular with collectors.

Why not channel James Bond with a cleverly shaped Minox camera, which is virtually unrecognisable as a camera, especially when concealed in its original leather case with a tiny peep hole for the camera lens to fit into.