Vintage and Retro Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers

Vintage and Retro Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers

Lighting is the perfect way to complement your interior themes and create the perfect ambience in a room. A bright and airy room offers the illusion of space and adding a beautiful ceiling light is a simple yet effective way to brighten your home. The range of lighting design available offers you the chance to experiment with new and vintage style pieces for your home. A popular choice for many includes beautiful vintage and retro ceiling lights and chandeliers. The unique design and retro style fit with a variety of interior décor and works perfectly in modern and contemporary homes.

Unique Design

Vintage and retro-inspired lighting options give you the perfect choice in funky lighting design. Ceiling lights can create a statement piece for your room and there are plenty of options to create a unique centrepiece. A popular lighting fixture is the pendant light and these industrial style designs offer a focal point in any room. Other styles include reworked retro jar designs, Edison steampunk examples and traditional chandeliers.

Statement Chandeliers

The traditional chandelier has been a popular fixture in homes for many years. Larger chandeliers require higher ceilings but there are many that can create the illusion of more space with unique design elements, which are perfect for standard ceiling heights. Vintage retro chandeliers offer a variety of styles to suit every room. From small drop pendant light bulbs to classic crystal chandelier designs, there is something to suit all tastes.

Industrial Style

A popular interior theme over the past few years offers highlights of retro industrial features. The rustic appearance of industrial pendant lights and reworked pipe design creates a focal point in your interior themes. Industrial vintage and retro ceiling lights work perfectly with minimalist décor and homes with a touch of vintage chic. Industrial pendant lights also work beautifully over island style units in kitchens and dining spaces.