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Visio Professional

Simplify Complex Ideas with Visio Professional

To save time on complex diagrams, use pre-drawn shapes or templates in Visio Professional for your IT and engineering projects. Automatic drawing features help you to create process management diagrams faster, so you can satisfy clients, while software packages available on eBay feature Diagram Validation, which lets you check diagrams to ensure that they comply with business rules.

Can Visio Professional connect shapes to real-time data?

Yes. Visio Professional eliminates the hassle of moving between your diagram and several data sources. It improves productivity by gathering detailed data from as many data sources as you need, so all the details can be included in one dynamic diagram. The software features a Data Selector wizard, which helps you integrate data from your spreadsheets and databases quickly. It is compatible with most of the popular applications, so once you link with your spreadsheet or database, the linked data is kept up-to-date in your diagrams via the Automatic Refresh feature.

Can Visio Professional diagrams be shared in other formats?

Yes. Several users collaborate with team members who prefer to look at diagrams in their browser or via other means. With Visio 2010, you can connect your diagram to numerous data sources, and with a few clicks, you can publish any data-linked diagram so that authorised online users can view the real-time information. They can look at it in their browsers right on your diagram, and if they wish, they can look further at the details. This is possible even if they are not using Visio, since Microsoft Office Visio 2007 diagrams can be published as static Web pages, so that coworkers using multiple platforms can view them. Various formats are possible which ensure that everyone can view the current version of your diagram. Visio also offers the following advantages:

  • Any user can zoom in on an online diagram by using Visio, without loss of functionality.
  • Users can get the most current version of a diagram by refreshing the data.
  • Information Rights Management is included in the Microsoft Visio download to help stop information leakage.
Can Microsoft Visio help to maintain diagramming standards in your organisation?

Yes. Diagram Validation lets you check for errors, so each diagram can be checked against organisational rules to ensure it is properly constructed. You can develop your own unique validation rules for your organisation. Your own developers can use a Validation API that is supported by Microsoft Visio Professional 2007 and 2010 to meet those goals.

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