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Vivienne Westwood Clothing for Women

Vivienne Westwood Clothing for Women

Since the inception of the Vivienne Westwood label back in the 1970s punk era, her clothing and accessories have been associated with bold fashion statements. Vivienne Westwood clothing for women prioritises high quality materials and craftsmanship to make outfits that are eye catching and unique.

Whether youre a dedicated Vivienne Westwood fan looking to expand your wardrobe, or are new to the brand and looking to make an investment into a one off piece, youre sure to have just what youre looking for. From stylish vintage items to modern lines, the range is extensive and contains a number of iconic pieces as well as more wearable designs.

The Vivienne Westwood range

From dresses and coats through to shirts and t-shirts, and just about everything in between, the selection of Vivienne Westwood designs is diverse. Whilst many of the lines feature bold and unique designs, there are also many items of clothing that are more subtle in style, guaranteeing youll find the ideal piece for you.

The collection of Vivienne Westwood dresses includes everything from structured little black dresses to floaty and whimsical styles that are ideal for those who want a bit of colour in their wardrobe.

Vivienne Westwood is also well known for her range of fitted shirts and blouses that typically display a twist on classic designs, such as long pointed collars or flared sleeves. Whether youre looking for a sharp style for the office, or something to dress up your favourite jeans , choose a striking Vivienne Westwood design.

The Westwood range doesnt stop at shirts and dresses though, as its even possible to find unique, one off items. Whether its a statement printed t-shirt or a winter coat that will last a lifetime, Vivienne Westwood clothing for women is an excellent investment that will last for years.