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Vivienne Westwood Women's Accessories

Vivienne Westwood Womens Accessories

Inspired by the punk movement of 1970s Britain, Vivienne Westwoods global recognition began when she started making clothes for a Kings Road boutique in Londons West End. Determined to make clothing and accessories that challenged popular fashion and trends, her designs were synonymous with the counter culture attitudes associated with punk. Vivienne Westwood womens accessories were made in the same mould and soon became popular with women across the world.

The range of accessories is extensive and now includes everything from scarves and hats to sunglasses and belts. Even today her designs tend towards the eye catching and innovative and accessories provide an affordable way to invest in a high fashion brand.

Popular Vivienne Westwood womens accessories

If youre looking for something practical that you can use or wear on a daily basis, a Vivienne Westwood purse is a great idea. Many designs are made from the highest quality leather and offer a cost effective entry point into high fashion.

If youre looking to invest in something a little more special, why not try a unique Westwood leather belt ? Many styles feature striking buckles, including variations on the instantly recognisable Vivienne Westwood logo. They are available in a wide range of colours from brighter shades to wearable black and tan. The selection of bags from Vivienne Westwood is also a great place to invest if you have a higher budget.

When it comes to seasonally appropriate accessories, the range includes a selection of bold scarves. From woollen embroidered scarves in winter shades to summery patterned options, there is a wide selection of designs and styles to choose from. There are also hats, which can be chosen to coordinate with winter scarves or worn independently, depending on your style and preference.

A Vivienne Westwood keyring makes a great gift, whether youre treating yourself or a lucky recipient.