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Vivitar Tripod

Vivitar Tripod

Vivitar offer a range of tripods suitable for most digital cameras and camcorders. Vivitar tripods have a range of features specially designed to make your photoshoot go without a hitch.

Traditional tripods

If youre looking for a conventional camera tripod , Vivitar make an aluminium three leg tripod with a 3 way fluid pan head for easy movement and a bubble spirit level, allowing you to check that youre on an even surface. The feet are rubber for easy grip and the mount is quick release so you can remove your camera and switch to handheld shooting easily.

The legs can be adjusted with plastic clips so you can achieve the perfect height level. With a handy carry bag, youll be able to transport your kit easily. Perfect for professional or personal shooting, you cant go wrong with this type of tripod.

Flexible tripods

If you like shooting outdoors and in obscure places a flexible tripod is a good choice for those trickier places. The flexible legs will grip to any surface like trees or fences so you can frame the perfect shot. This type of tripod is short at just 7 inches in height so youll need something to attach it to which might be a problem in wide open spaces. Small enough to fit in your pocket or carry in a small bag, its perfect for travelling. Great for snapping more unique shots from different angles, this type of tripod will greatly expand your shooting capabilities.

Mini tripods

If youre looking for a tripod thats ultra-compact and can fit in a small bag or pocket, then a Vivitar mini tripod is great for situations when you dont have much space. At just 4 inches long, youll be able to pack this type of tripod easily, yet it can be used on any surface. With its flexible legs, youll be able to frame up the perfect shot from any surface.