Volkswagen Transporter Carpets & Floor Mats

Volkswagen Transporter Carpets & Floor Mats

The rise in popularity of Volkswagen Transporters for both recreational and work use has made the interior of the van a focus for many people. Whether you are kitting it out in camping gear or making it tough to withstand tools and equipment, you may need to think about the type of carpet or floor mats that would be suitable for your needs. Youll find a host of options available in genuine and OEM options in materials such as nylon, rubber, vinyl and wool with brand new, used and remanufactured quality. 

Heavy duty flooring

For hardy works vehicles, your flooring option needs to be able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy equipment and tools that will be stored in the back. There is a wide selection of heavy duty flooring options including rubber that is designed to tackle heavy use with ease. This flooring is also good for grip and prevents toolboxes and equipment rolling around while you drive. 

Matching car mat sets

For the cab area, you can get a range of carpet options to suit different models. There is a selection of colours and designs with piping and embroidery, plus floor mats with the iconic VW logo emblazoned on them. There is also the option of choosing customised mats, and you can select the colour and logo which gives a unique touch to your van. 

Camping interior

Using Volkswagens for camping is a popular pastime so designing the interior for ultimate comfort gives you a warm and cosy feel while you travel in your van. There is a wide variety of carpets for the back section of the van with hardy carpet options to withstand heavy use and general wear and tear. This section can also be tailored to fit your interior themes with different colour options and patterns.