Walk In Cold Room

Keep Perishable Items Chilled With a Walk-in Cold Room

If you have a large number of items that need to be kept cool to prevent them from spoiling, a walk-in cold room is a worthwhile investment for you. You can find a large selection of different walk-in cold rooms of different sizes and with different temperature settings available for sale on eBay. Heres some of what you need to know as you proceed in your search for the right one.

At what temperature do walk-in cold rooms operate?

Most walk-in cold rooms operate in two different temperature ranges. Some can operate in only one of the following ranges, while others can operate in both, and you should take care to scour eBay to find the type that is most suitable to you. The first temperature range is between 2°C and 12°C. This range is used to store consumable items that you plan to use, sell, or otherwise dispose of at some time in the next few days. The second temperature range is between -2°C and 5°C. This range is meant for storing consumable items that you plan to sell or otherwise dispose of in the next few days to few weeks. In particular, this lower range is ideal if you happen to have a large stock of perishable items laying around that need to be kept at or just below freezing temperature.

If you have goods that you wish to store or preserve at lower temperatures than this, then you should get a walk-in freezer, which can also be found for sale on eBay.

How large are walk-in cold rooms?

As the name suggests, a walk-in cold room is generally large enough for an ordinary person to be able to open the door and walk into it. However, this intuitive picture does not quite exhaust the range of possible sizes in which you can find these units for sale. Some units can be as small as only about 1.36 by 1.36 by 2.2 metres, or as large as 2.56 by 2.56 by 2.2 metres. Its also possible to find units that are even larger or even smaller than those. As usual, it is up to you to search through eBay to find exactly what suits your needs.

What other notable features do walk-in cold rooms have?

Beyond their general size and temperature, walk-in cold rooms also commonly have features like the following:

  • Insulation - Doors between about 80 and 100 millimetres thick, which provide insulation from the external environment
  • Safe flooring - A non-slip floor
  • Security - An internal light, a lock for the door, and a key
  • Versatility - Compartments which can be set at different temperature levels if you so desire