Wall Decals & Stickers

Wall Decals and Stickers

If you want to change the appearance of your walls without getting out the paint or wallpaper paste, wall decals and stickers can be a simple way to reinvigorate a space. Theyre easy to apply and can completely change the look and feel of a room. They can be fun too, enabling you to temporarily decorate spaces in new and interesting ways.

Whether youd like to wake up seeing your favourite quote on your bedroom wall or want to add some of your childs favourite cartoon characters to their wall, youll find an incredible choice of items to choose from in a range of sizes and colours.

Wall Decals

Whether youre inspired by nature, sports, art or music, youll find a wall decal to suit your passions and interests. You can also narrow your search by style opting for classic decals influenced by Victorian, French country, art deco and contemporary design to name a few.

You can find wall decals that take you around the world from Morocco and Africa to Turkey and Asia and those that are based on maps and adventure. Novelty wall decals are themed around Christmas, and theres a decal to suit every sense of humour and taste.


Stickers can be customised for a variety of practical uses including labelling and replicating the look of a particular surface such as kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Floor stickers come in lots of fun designs including underwater themes for bathrooms and 3D night skies and rainforests for living spaces. You can also choose door, light switch and stair stickers to keep a theme running throughout your home.

Childrens Wall Decals and Stickers

For childrens rooms, theres a variety of glow in the dark decals and stickers that can help your little ones feel more comfortable sleeping in the dark. You can create your own landscapes with your childs favourite animals or customise a design around their name.