Wallet Cases With a Strap for HTC Mobile Phones and PDAs

For anyone prone to having their phone stolen, as well as those who are forever losing or dropping it, a mobile phone wallet case is very helpful. Wallet cases with a strap for HTC mobile phones and PDAs are designed for exactly those situations. Slip it around your wrist and you will immediately reduce your chance of dropping it.

It also means that there is much lower risk that a pickpocket could ever manage to sneak it away in a crowded area, or a thief snatch it out of your hand when you are on a call. A very useful phone accessory to have and you know that you are being vigilant.

Types of wallet cases for your HTC mobile

Cases can be found in a huge number of different designs and patterns. A strap is always a useful thing to have on a mobile phone wallet case . Wallet cases come in a wide variety of materials, including leather, plastic, faux leather and silicone.

They typically have convenient card slots for credit cards and cash, and spaces for the camera, charging port, and controls. Some strap wallet cases for HTC mobile phones and PDAs also fold over to act as a stand so that you can watch videos and check emails. Some close with a magnetic clasp.

A personal touch

You will find an extensive selection of colours, prints and styles. In addition, you can buy personalised cases with photographs for endless possibilities, or add your name to a design as a great gift. You can get your initials in an etched marble or engraved bamboo style or there are a great deal of inspirational quotes. You can find wallet cases featuring characters like R2D2, Harry Potter, the Mr Men, Doctor Who and movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as car manufacturers and vintage cars.