Wardrobes are thought of as the second most important piece of furniture in a bedroom after the bed itself. Choosing the right wardrobe requires a lot of thought to make sure that it matches the look of your bedroom and it has a suitable amount of storage.

Choosing an appropriately sized wardrobe for your bedroom will all depend on the amount of space available. For bedrooms with limited space, wardrobes with added drawers and storage shelves inside are an ideal option. Some wardrobes will even have added features like fitted tie and shoe racks.

Materials used for wardrobes

Wood is the most commonly used material for wardrobes. Wooden wardrobes are available in a range of woods, from light to heavy. Many wardrobes are made of medium density fibreboard or MDF.

Choosing between wooden wardrobes and MDF wardrobes will ultimately come down to personal preference. Some people prefer solid wood wardrobes because of their natural look, but for others MDF wardrobes are more suitable because they can cope better with changes in humidity without buckling.

Wardrobe doors

When it comes to wardrobe doors, the options are generally split between hinged or sliding doors . One of the benefits of having a sliding door is that they can save space, but with a hinged door, it will be possible to open both sides at the same time allowing greater access to clothes and other items. Choosing the right type of door will depend on the space available in a room.

Mirrored doors for wardrobes

Mirrored doors can help create the illusion of added space to a room, but bear in mind that they will generally require cleaning more often than wood fronted wardrobes.

Some wardrobes come with a fitted mirror in the centre of the unit. This is a handy feature that will save you having to buy a separate free standing mirror for your room.

For all mirrored surfaces, its important to clean them to keep the glass looking as shiny as possible. There are various options but a key tip is to clean and dry the mirror quickly to try and avoid streaks from the liquid being used.

Open storage wardrobes

With open storage wardrobes, there isnt a door, so access to the items inside is easy. This type of wardrobe is often a good option for people with limited space or as an addition to a smaller room.

Large open storage wardrobes are available and give added room plus the convenience of being more portable than a standard, solid wardrobe. 

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