Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

Keep your watch running on time with a new watch battery. Stock up with multipacks or buy single batteries when you need them. There are many different sizes, brands and types of watch batteries on offer so youll be sure to find the battery thatll keep your watch ticking.

Choosing the Right Watch Battery

The most important factor to consider when buying a watch battery is whether it will work in your particular watch. The easiest way to establish this is to refer to the paperwork that came with your watch when you bought it, or by examining the battery thats in your watch already. With such a wide choice of batteries to be found its unlikely that youll have difficulty finding the right one for you.

Understanding Whats Available

Watch batteries fall into one of three broad categories: silver oxide batteries (SR), lithium (CR) and alkaline (LR). You can tell what category the battery belongs to by the prefix of either SR, CR or LR. Youll find all of these types of batteries available so you neednt worry about replacing your watch battery.

Single or Multipack

Once youve established which is the right battery for you, you can choose either a single unit or a multipack of that battery. For example, the CR2032 cell battery, which is a very common battery found in watches, is available singly or in multipacks of two, five and six, perfect for stocking up for future use.

If you just have one watch that you wear regularly then you might find a single watch battery is enough to keep your timepiece in good working order. However, if you have several watches that you rotate between, and they all take the same battery, then you may prefer a multipack. Another good reason to invest in a multipack is that it means you can leave the batteries in the cupboard and quickly replace them if your watch stops.