Watch Boxes, Cases and Winders

A watch can have sentimental value, it has practical use and it can be a stylish statement so it is important to look after it with specialist watch boxes, cases and winders.

Give your watch a home it deserves with boxes produced by some of the most well-known and prestigious names in watchmaking. Protect and keep your watch clean in a collectable rare vintage Breitling case or choose a statement Rolex watch box in leather, suede or wood for a stylish place to keep your treasured timepiece.

For the collector, a box with room for several watches is a handy choice. Smart leather display cases are available with glass windows, hinged lids and silver metal closures. You can choose from boxes with room to store six, ten, twelve, twenty or twenty four mens or womens watches.

For the wearer of bracelet strap watches a ten-grid bracelet tray box is a useful option. The watch wearer who prefers a more vintage look might choose a wooden display box . These cases come in a chestnut brown colour or mahogany, and can hold one, two, six or twelve watches. For a more contemporary look choose a smart aluminium storage bracelet case which is lined with a soft fabric and has a glass viewing window, a metal clasp and holds up to six watches.

Cutting edge cases which will also keep your watch powered are a useful choice. Automatic movement watches are driven by the movement of your hand and can need re-winding by hand if not worn. An automatic watch winder will keep your timepiece ticking even when you are not wearing it. The Time Tutelary KA001 automatic watch winder is an automatic winding case which uses a motor to keep the watch moving on a turntable which can be seen through a transparent lid. This modern looking case is made from lightweight plastic and has a flip down lid. It is powered by plug or battery. Time Tutelary also produces dual and four-way winders to keep more than one watch ticking.

The stylish Dulwich of London automatic winder rotates your watch to keep it going. This case is made from genuine black leather, has a clear glass lid and can be powered by battery or from the mains. A luxury leather storage case with automatic rotation will wind up to three watches, and features a four mode timer function. It runs on battery or AC adaptor.