Water Coolers

If you are looking for a cost-effective and hygienic way to dispense water for business or personal use, water coolers are an ideal option. There is a range of free standing and countertop cooler options to suit a variety of needs and locations. Water coolers are perfect for office environments and provide people with an easy to use and hygienic refreshment option. They are also ideal for visitor rooms, reception areas and canteens.

Business use

One of the most popular uses of water coolers is for business and office locations. Contemporary coolers provide a great way to keep people refreshed with clean and cool water. Some water coolers can be plumbed into the mains systems without the need of refill bottles whilst others are stand-alone systems with water dispenser bottles which are easy to change and refill. There are also several options for water dispensers that produce cold and warm water.

Handy features

For smaller spaces, you may consider purchasing a countertop style water cooler. These handy space-saving dispensers offer cool, filtered water with just a simple refill from the tap. Many water coolers also offer the choice of water at room or cooler temperatures without the need to place it in a fridge. To ensure the quality of the water, remember to buy filters too, they are quick and easy to install.

Accessories and parts

Dependent on whether you choose a mains fed water cooler or stand-alone dispenser, there are a variety of accessories and parts available for maintenance and general running. For water refills, there is a selection of bottles that fit a range of equipment, there are also several that offer a universal fit. Other accessories include disposable cups which suit a variety of machines plus filters to ensure each dispenser is clean and bacteria-free during use.