Wind Deflectors for Mini

Stylish and functional Mini wind deflectors

Enjoy fresh air from the comfort of your car with wind deflectors for Minis cars. These handy car exterior and body parts prevent the noisy wind rushing in when you have the window down and also protect the inside of your car from the rain. From side window deflectors to those designed for use with convertibles, theres something for all Mini models on eBay. 

Keep the precise model and year of your car in mind when browsing these exterior Mini parts as you need to choose something thats compatible. Incorrectly sized wind deflectors may not fit and might come loose when out on the roads. 

Side wind deflectors

Designed to keep the noise down when you have the windows down, car wind deflectors fix to the top of your car door above the window. They prevent the wind from battering into your car, letting you enjoy fresh air in your car whilst driving at speed. Wind deflectors also let you have your window open during the rain as also block water from entering your car. 

These are easy to install to your car, letting you enjoy them straight away. They easily fit into the top of your window and dont cause any damage from installation. The dark tints of deflectors also quickly add a touch of sporty style to your vehicle without. 

Convertible wind deflectors

Designed to make driving with the top down as fun as possible, convertible wind deflectors cover the rear passenger seats with a deflector that props up behind the front headrests. These make driving your convertible Mini car a pleasure, reducing the amount of wind in the front seats. 

These deflectors are also easy to install and remove, leaving no lasting mark. This makes them perfect for use all year round and can be kept in the boot ready for use.