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Window Cleaning Rounds

Buying a window cleaning round with an established cash flow and income can be an immediate and rewarding financial experience. The aim should be a good, stable, well-maintained round with loyal customers who pay willingly and regularly. However, like any business, caution must be taken at the outset to ensure that what is being bought on paper is actually evident in reality.

Valuing a Round

The value of a window cleaning round will vary with its location, the type of work and the quality of the work. It goes without saying that a round made up of closely placed commercial and high-value residential properties will be worth more than a badly priced round of scattered low-value housing. The tighter the round and the higher the value, the less driving there will be, and the greater the opportunity there will be to make money.

Other Round Variables

Other considerations that should be taken into account when buying a window cleaning round include how regular the round is, how big it is (part-time or full-time), how long it has been established and is it a water fed pole or traditional ladder? Additionally, find out what other opportunities the round offers to make money, like cleaning conservatory roofs, solar panels, gutters and fascias for example.


Before buying, complete a whole round with the owner. Ask for proof of the rounds financial status and negotiate a staged payment rather than handing over a lump sum. Whilst there will inevitably be some customer drop off when taking over a round, a staged payment will protect the investment against a customer exodus.

Also, be careful about taking on commercial work. Can the round be legally transferred to you? And if youre buying equipment with the round, check it thoroughly and compare it to its equivalent market value.