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Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds are used to block light from entering a space. When decorating a home curtains and blinds can make or break each room. The design, shade of colour and fabric sets the tone of the area it inhabits. For rooms with large windows, it may be ideal to have both blinds and curtains. The blinds would prevent outside onlookers from peering through, while also adding an extra layer of security. The curtains would add to both the décor of the room while also blocking light when necessary.

There are many key features to consider when buying curtains and blinds. Namely, the style, material and the amount of maintenance that will go into owning a particular set.


There are many distinct styles of curtains to choose from when styling the interior of a house, office and more. Modern curtains are simple and plain in fabric and design, ideal for a contemporary home. Antique and Victorian style curtains can usually be found in museums or royal mansions. They add a certain elegance to the space. Other styles include art deco, childrens and animal print.


The material of curtains can vary depending on the desired effect. While 100% cotton curtains will completely block light from shining through, voile curtains are more see-through, allowing a soft light to fall upon the room.

Other material includes blackout fabric, cotton blend, faux silk and real silk, poly cotton, polyester velvet and more.


A key point to consider when choosing blinds or curtains for your home is the maintenance. Specific types of curtains, such as polycotton, is wrinkle-resistant and fade-resistant, making it very easy to maintain. However, there are fabrics that need more care, where regular washing and ironing is necessary to keep them looking new. Blinds are easier to maintain but need to be wiped down every week.