Window Film

Window Film

Create the privacy you desire in a contemporary style with window film. A modern alternative to net curtains and blinds, window film can add subtle frosting to your windows while still letting in plenty of light. In some rooms, you can even apply window film to just the bottom halves of your windows to really maximise the amount of light you let in. Window film can add colour and interest to your windowpanes or simply blend into the background, depending on your choice of design. Whether you go decorative or plain, this film is a popular and convenient solution to your privacy needs. Simply cut to fit, make sure your windows are clean, spray a fine mist of water onto them and apply your film.

Decorative Film

If you want to keep things interesting, choose a decorative style of film to add some visual appeal. Etched frosted film is one of the subtlest choices and can work well on a bathroom window or door. Flowers, leaves and geometric shapes are all popular choices. Or why not create a stained-glass effect with colourful window film? From delicate floral patterns to traditional stained-glass design you might have encountered in beautiful churches or chapels, this style can be as modern or as retro as you like.

Plain film

If you love to keep your interior design simple and classic, plain window film could be the one for you. Frosted film is a versatile choice that will work in every room from your living room to your bathroom. If you are looking for window film for your car, a tinted plain film is the ideal choice. Mirrored film can also work – in both homes and cars – giving your windows a one-way privacy mask. From the inside, the film is invisible and from the outside, it is simply a reflective mirror. This kind of window film can have the added benefit of keeping interiors cool during the hot summer months.