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Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit

Making Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit Work for You

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit provides a wide range of features and high compatibility with applications. With features aimed at business computing and home users, if you buy Window 7 32-bit, youll be opening the door to a huge variety of possibilities. On eBay, youll be able to find software with a genuine Windows 7 Professional 32-bit product key.

What extra features does Windows 7 Professional 32-bit offer?

Compared with the Home Premium version of the Windows 7 32-bit disc, this edition has several features aimed at institutional and business users. These include:

  • Larger Maximum Memory: You can access up to 192GB of RAM, allowing space-hungry applications to run well.
  • Windows XP Mode: This compatibility option allows you to run programs written for an older operating system.
  • Encrypting File System: The EFS facility lets you protect your confidential data by preventing unauthorised access to data.
  • Remote Desktop Services: This allows you to take control of another computer over a network connection.
Which computers can run Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit?

Most PCs can run this operating system. Microsoft states that computers need least 1GB of RAM, 16GB of hard disk space, and a processor (CPU) running at 1 GHz or faster. Some features require additional system resources. For example, Windows XP Mode needs a RAM of 2 GB or more. Its a good idea to ensure you have plenty of spare space since youll find it more comfortable to run the operating system with room to spare, especially if you plan on using demanding software such as video editing packages or some games.

What is the difference between Full and Upgrade versions?

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit is available both as an upgrade from Windows Vista and as a full version. If you already have Vista installed on your PC, you can use the upgrade version, but otherwise, you will need to look for a full version of the Windows 7 32-bit disc. When you install the full version, youll need to perform a "clean install". This involves backing up your data, installing Windows 7, then re-installing your data from the backup. Check eBay listings carefully to ensure youre picking the appropriate version for your needs.

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