Windows Phone 10 Mobile & Smartphones

Windows 10 Smartphones

Windows 10 was seen as a revolution in many respects, particularly when used on the latest smartphones. Windows 10 mobile smartphones are a popular choice in a competitive market. With a user friendly setup, the neat arrangements of icons and widgets makes them easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Choice of brand, same great features

Many brands have chosen the Windows operating system over others, so if you are a Microsoft fan, you are in no way limited to what handsets you can choose. A popular choice is the powerful and elegantly designed Nokia Lumia range. As with all operating systems, you can use a Windows phone regardless of what network you are on.

The Windows 10 layout, allows you to select what icons and widgets you have on display and move and arrange them in whatever way you see fit. The bold colours and square icons make for a tidy screen, which is fully customisable. As well as Windows, Microsoft is responsible for the Xbox games consoles. All phones on Windows 10 allows you to sign into your Xbox live account, which opens up a number of bonuses if you are an avid gamer.

The touchscreens are incredibly responsive and the speed phenomenal. All phones with Windows 10 will have up to 4G capabilities utilising the Microsoft Edge browser. The LCD screens are crisp and sharp.

Windows 10 was designed to be a multi-platform operating system, meaning that the operating system on your Windows 10 mobile phone, will be almost identical to the one on your Windows PC. This means that any app designed for use on the PC can also be used on your phone. It also means that notifications can be received and acknowledged on any "synced" device. This enables you to send and receive text messages on your windows laptop, PC or even tablet as well as your phone.

Electronics manufacturers such as HP and Acer have produced Windows 10 smartphones , each with their own designs and specifications. Some are sleek and futuristic looking whereas others are more compact and practical. You will not be limited in choice when it comes to Windows 10 smartphones.