Skiing & Snowboarding Jackets

Skiing and Snowboarding Jackets

Winter sports are very popular and require specific equipment, such as specialist skiing and snowboarding jackets, to protect you from the elements. Highly waterproof and insulating, skiing jackets are essential for keeping warm and dry in sub zero conditions.

Styles and cuts

Available for everyone, choose from a range of skiing and snowboarding jackets for men , women and children. Whatever age or gender you are looking for, skiing and snowboarding jackets are very warm thanks to their padded filling, such as down or a similar synthetic material designed to keep heat in.

The outside of the jacket is usually made from a waterproof material with taped seams, to prevent moisture getting through. The advantage of this is that you can be sure of staying dry even in very heavy snowfall.

Womens skiing and snowboarding jackets tend to be more fitted to suit their figure. However, in snow sports it is often considered fashionable for clothes to be looser, even for women, so you can also find womens jackets in a more relaxed cut.

Fashion and function

Although ski and snowboarding jackets are usually available in a wide choice of colours, you will generally find that brightly colours are more common than neutrals. This helps you to stand out against the white snow. Also, in poor light or heavy snow it is easier to see people in loud colours, so other skiers and snowboarders can see you better and avoid potential collisions on the slopes.

As well as baggy clothes, ski and snowboard jackets with strong patterns in bright and sometimes clashing colours are considered fashionable. You will find jackets with hoods, with the option of a fur trim, plus jackets with ticket holder pockets, specifically for your ski pass. This can be a handy feature, so you always know where your pass is and wont need to keep searching for it every day.

What to look out for

Choose a jacket with a rating of 5,000mm to 10,000mm for use in prolonged, heavy snowfall. If youre going skiing in the spring, then a jacket with a rating of less than 5,000mm may be sufficient to withstand light rain or snowfall.

For skiing and snowboarding in very cold climates a jacket with proper insulation is essential. A womens down jacket is ideal for keeping heat in and keeping you warm.

A skiing or snowboarding jacket with a large hood means that you can put the hood over your helmet to add a little more protection and warmth to your head and ears.