Snow goggles for en piste action

Snow goggles are a must-have piece of gear if you're looking to hit the slopes this season. These handy accessories keep your eyes protected from wind, snow and dirt when speeding down the mountains. They also offer UV protection against the sun, acting as sunglasses. From a range of well-known brands in a variety of styles, there's skiing and snowboarding equipment for everyone right here on eBay. 

Oakley snow goggles

Designed by the iconic sunglasses brand, Oakley snow goggles mix bold style with amazing functionality to create a high-end piece of equipment for skiing enthusiasts. 

Go for a set of Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles with a premium lens that works to create a better viewing experience whilst keeping out UV light. The high-end Prizm Snow Torch iridium lens offers a large field of view so your vision is never cut short. 

The simple black frame connects to a stretchy headband with adjustable straps whilst the foam-padded goggle section offers comfort for hours of mountain fun. 

Smith snow goggles

Smith snow goggles are better suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders. Using subtle styles paired with functional designs, these goggles are a must-have for those looking to start out on the snow. 

A set of Smith Cascade goggles in a classic black design work well with any skiing or snowboarding outfits and keep you protected from the elements. A double cylinder lens with a vent for airflow keeps you cool during intense sessions whilst the design is fully compatible with most helmets. 

Or go for some Smith Virtue goggles for added style, with a navy frame and white strap. An extra wide silicone strap keeps these goggles secured to your head whilst an anti-fog inner lens keeps your vision clear at all times.